Sunday, February 25, 2007
  Highway 33 - My 2nd Favorite Motorcycle Road

I do a lot of solo rides on my R6 to unwind, rarely less than 100 miles even though a supersport 600 is one of the least comfortable rides around. Yesterday was one of those days that required a lot of unwinding, so I hopped on the bike and just started heading north without any real destination in mind. The weather was good and I was looking forward to the fresh air.

Somehow I ended up meandering through some of so cal's back country roads to Ojai. I stopped for lunch and by the time I was through, it was about 2:30. It's been chilly around here lately and it rained a few days earlier, so I wasn't sure if hitting the canyons was such a great idea. However highway 150 on the way up to Ojai was pretty clean, so even w/ the chilled air and descending sun I decided to jump on my 2nd favorite motorcycle road, Highway 33 north of Ojai.

My "what the hell" attitude was rewarded by excellent conditions for this time of year. Except for a couple of spots, the road was in superb shape and debris-free. There wasn't a single cloud in the sky nor any wind. There was hardly any traffic at all and I was free to soak up all the super fun turns and twists that 33 has to offer. The weather was so clear that I could easily see the ocean from certain view points.

Highway 33 ranks so high on my list for many reasons. The good parts are never that crowded. The road is mostly in terrific shape. It's a long ride. The scenery is beautiful (it's in the Los Padres National Forest). Ojai's a great staging point. There's only one thing I don't like -- the long ride home on the 101 freeway.

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