Thursday, February 23, 2006
  Lane Splitting Article
I just posted an article about lane splitting on the site. For the record, I do it on occasion.
Tuesday, February 21, 2006
  Need... more... sleep...
Just an update on the content... I'm working hard at making my self-imposed March 1st deadline for the rest of it. Dunno if that's realistic or not but it is what it is. Also changed the blog template to match the rest of the site.
Sunday, February 12, 2006
  Skills vs. Posing - The Trap of "Cool"
It's a tough thing for new riders, settling for a decent bike to learn on instead of getting the bike they really want. But what about those that just go ahead and buy the dream bike right off the bat? New riders beware; there's a trap when it comes to buying that bike you really want because you can't settle for something that isn't as cool.

The trap is this: experienced riders will say, "There goes that guy on that sweet bike. Too bad he can't ride it for sh**." As cool as that dream bike is, it creates a lot of expectations. Kind of like showing up to the local rec center basketball court wearing a Lebron jersey and new Nike Lebrons - you better have the skills to go with that stuff.

On the flip side, experienced riders ooze respect for people that can ride the tires off of smaller or older bikes. I'm not saying I'm a great rider, but I'm not the slowest rider either -- and I remember being smoked on a canyon road by a guy on a little 250. I went to a track day and watched a 14 year old kid on a 250cc two-stroke pick his way through good riders on 1000cc sport bikes. Skills earn respect.

It's all about how much your ego can take. It's not the best feeling, settling for a bike that isn't everything you want. But then again, neither is knowing that people don't respect you as a rider because you've got an incredible bike but not the skills to go with it.
Saturday, February 11, 2006
  Bad Drivers On Good Roads
I went on a great group ride today through some of the canyon roads in Malibu; we had gorgeous, clear weather and mostly good road conditions. The day also brought out some really bad drivers; fortunately there were no incidents.

Coming down one canyon road, I came around a blind left corner (at very reasonable speed) to find a white SUV coming straight for me - in my lane. With just enough time to keep me from freaking out, the driver finally corrected her position and moved over to her side of the road.

Heading home, I was taking a leisurely ride on a canyon road near where I live. I was following someone in a rental car who didn't look too familiar with the area. On countless turns, the driver was either partially or completely over the double yellow line and on the other side of the road. There were a couple of really close calls with oncoming traffic, and I backed away to avoid any problems in case there was a collision.

Make sure that when you're riding tight canyon roads, you slow down enough to give yourself some reaction time in case you happen to see drivers like these. Never underestimate just how bad some people drive.
Wednesday, February 01, 2006 Goes Live!
The site is live now. Eyes are red. Need to sleep. Oh wait, that's what work is for. More details later when I'm awake.'s archives from 2008 and earlier. Visit the home page for the updated blog.

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