Tuesday, May 30, 2006
  Stay Safe Out There!
I hate seeing motorcycle accidents, especially when it's due to rider stupidity. It reminds me of the risks of motorcycling and makes us all look bad.

I came up on an accident scene today on the lower section of Angeles Crest Highway. The fire department guys had traffic stopped on both sides and I happened to be the first one to arrive heading uphill. Fortunately it didn't look major; the rider seemed okay and it was likely a single bike accident. They had the gurney out and everything, but ended up not taking him. He looked a little shook up but okay.

The first thing I noticed was that his t-shirt was all torn up, which probably meant that was all that he was wearing. I also noticed his bike was a relatively new sportbike of some kind though I couldn't quite make out the exact model. In any case it seemed like an all-too-typical scenario of a rider going beyond his abilities and losing control of his bike.

Lessons for new riders here:

1. Wear good gear. It might be uncomfortable or hot but it could save you a trip to the hospital. Maybe even the morgue.

2. If you're gonna ride a canyon road, get to know that road well. Today's accident was on the lower section of Angeles Crest Highway, a section that all the smart riders know is congested and dangerous. Even the assholes that go way too fast on ACH save it for the less traveled parts.

3. Never go faster than your ability allows. Canyon roads mean blind turns, including blind decreasing radius turns. If you're at the limit of your cornering speed in a blind right hander that suddenly tightens up, you're in a heap of shit.

4. Don't cross over the double yellow line or pass on the shoulder.
Very good tips. While a little push is good to get you to test your abilities, don't do it if you are not uncomforable. Trust your gut!
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