Monday, May 29, 2006
  Spanked a Squid Today
I had a really good ride today on one of my favorite roads, going a bit quick through the turns but taking it easy on the straights like I always do. I was in a straight section of the road cruising along around 60 mph (the speed limit there is 55 mph) when I noticed a gixxer (Suzuki GSX-R) coming up fast behind me. I stayed in front of him for a couple of turns and noticed he fell behind, but he kept speeding up in the straights and coming up right behind me. I waved him by on the the next straight (as I usually do with the more insane riders) to avoid any problems.

When he passed me I noticed he was wearing jeans and sneakers so I couldn't help thinking to myself that he was probably a squid. The next turn we hit proved my instincts right, as he slowed down dramatically from his straight line speed and struggled to negotiate the curve. His body positioning was all wrong; he kept pushing the bike down beneath him instead of getting his weight on the inside of the bike through the turn. We continued the next 7 miles or so in the exact same manner - he would try to pull away from me in the straights (hitting 75+ ) , only to have me catch up to him with ease at every curve. It made me nervous to watch him ride as he was near the limits of his ability. I hope he takes the time to try to find out why the rider behind him nearly gave him a prostate exam every at the exit of every turn, despite his attempts to distance himself by opening the throttle in the only place he could - the straights.
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