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Friday, December 18, 2009
  Friday ride to Ortega and LaDera Ranch
Friday December 18, 2009 at 9 am we all meet up and head out on a relaxing, relatively short ride. The riders include John R. on his no-windshield Roadliner, Luis & Minita V. on the red V-Star 1300, Charlie on the Stratoliner and Carol on her V-Star 1100, Scott on the big goldwing, Jim R. on a Royal Star 1300 Tour, Johney on his Road Star, Chuck on his back-in-action V-Star 1300, and me on the white Road Star. Stan showed his support by showing up but had to work instead. Click the picture to read the text.

Our route starts out in Orange and on to the 57 Fwy north to the 91 east then to the 15 Freeway south, exiting at Central Ave/Rte 74 in Lake Elsinore. The 74 is also known as the Ortega Highway and a favorite fast ride for other members like Pete Black and Jim Mc Clain as well.

I gave Charlie our leader, a bad call on direction after checking with Scott (thanks), and after a quick U-Turn got headed back to the 74 west. Never tell Charlie how to go especially when he has a map.

We start up the hill and into the twisting curvy part right away and all goes quite well with a good pace, not too fast but not too slow either. I'm sure some would have cranked it up a bit if they had a chance but we all kept a good pace. There was a lot of construction on Ortega over the past two years, but most of it is completed and it is a nicer road for sure. Google Earth pictures are taken while some of the construction was still going on.
This is at the first lookout just past a Food Shack on the way up-looking back toward Elsinore.
Lots of curves, both up and down hill.

We came to Antonio Parkway and based on my recommendation we headed for Corky's Cafe in Ladera Ranch for food. Great place to stop for sure, reasonable prices and BIG servings.

We finished lunch/breakfast and headed out in several directions. Luis & Minita headed up Santiago Canyon with me to go to La Palma Ave. and see about a wheel problem. Others went to PCH and up the coast. About 110 miles all together and back home at 1:15pm.
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