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Tuesday, April 07, 2009
Our regular monthly Saturday ride with STAR and this time it's to Pioneer Town in Yucca Valley (in the middle of nowhere), then on to Big Bear via the back route coming in from the north on Highway 18. As usual we meet in the Best Buy parking lot and go over the route, and conduct a short meeting plus introduce new riders.
V-Star 1300 with custom brake lights-nice, owner Chuck has done a lot to his V-Star.
Nearly brand new Harley-a retirement gift to himself.

On the left is Tom who had shoulder surgery recently but is back riding-glad to see him on this trip.
Only thing missing are altimeter and flap controls and this would take off.

Our trip will take us out the 10 Freeway to Yucca Valley where we turn off the main road to an old western movie set built out in a place called Pioneer Town.
Our first stop off the 10 Fwy at Cabazon about 100 miles into the trip.
Looking toward the mountains, there's snow up there.


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The road from the 10 Fwy, is often windy, but today there is little or no breeze to be concerned with and we arrive at Pioneer Town no concern at all. Our group pretty much fills up the place, Lunch is good and I take a quick sightseeing trip through the old western town.
Not much here except the restaurant and an old western looking street. I ordered a hamburger and it was kinda pink.

Does anybody actually live here?

Lined up and almost ready to go.
This is Chuck with his V-Star 1300
Pictures of the road ahead including a closeup.

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After lunch our three groups take off toward Big Bear where it's going to be colder- probably in the mid 40 degs. via Hiway 18 with some 10 mph posted switch backs. This is on the road to Big Bear-Google Earth is amazing...
Not only that but while I thought we were going to return on Route 38 (the back way) through Redlands we are actually heading back down to San Bernardino on Route 330 a much steeper, twisty road. I was not able to keep up with our group leader in some of the curves and he has a PASSENGER! Jerry our former president on a Stratoliner is really good at handling the curves. I did reasonably well all things considered and we made it down to the 210 Freeway where it was in the high 70's and stopped to take off several layers of gear including jackets, liners and chaps. END OF THIS RIDE...About 300 miles all arrived safe.
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