Riding the Back Roads on your Motorcycle

Catching the rare green countryside in southern California
Catching the rare green countryside in southern California

Anytime I take my motorcycle out for a ride, I’m hitting a back road in the southern California countryside. Fortunately it’s not that far of a ride before I’m away from the city and in some beautiful area that makes me forget I live in a huge metropolis. If you want to ride some nice back roads yourself, here are a few tips before you head out to unfamiliar territory.

  • Use Google Maps to look at the road you want to ride. It’s most likely been driven by Google’s mapping vehicles, so you can literally see everything including people’s blurred out faces using Street View. This will give you an idea if the road looks ride-worthy.
  • Locate gas stations and plan accordingly to avoid getting stranded. Motorcycles get great gas mileage, but have small tanks. I only get around 110 miles or so before I need to refill.
  • Take it easy out there. Getting stranded in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone coverage is a really bad place to be, as I found out the hard way once. Have fun, but ride safely and get home in one piece.



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