Getting Your Motorcycle License

Many states share similar licensing requirements when it comes to operating a motorcycle.  You’ll need to pass one or more written tests and a riding test, but most states will waive the riding test requirement if you’ve passed a state-approved rider course. Florida actually requires all motorcycle riders to complete the Florida Rider Training Program Basic Rider Course before receiving a motorcycle license or endorsement. California requires all riders under 21 to complete the California Motorcyclist Safety Course. I recommend taking the rider course (MSF or state-approved) regardless of your state’s requirements.  It can be a life saver and builds your confidence, not to mention saving you the headache of taking the pesky riding skill test.

Check out your state’s individual licensing requirements online to get an idea of what’s required, as each of them have similar but slightly different rules.  I’ve included links below to some states’ motorcycle licensing information sites.  All of them have their handbooks available online so you can review them before taking the written tests.

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