Ducati Offering Cheap Financing

Ducati Monster 696

You know the industry’s hurting when even Ducati rolls out super-low financing offers. Right now you can get certain naked models at a 2.99% APR for 60 months until the end of March 2010. Generally speaking I don’t recommend Ducatis as a first bike; there are many reasons to buy a cheaper used bike as a first ride. But for the headstrong among you with the “new or nothing” mentality, there are worse first bikes than the Monster 696, which is included in this deal. Smokin’ link below.


Ducati Hypermotard Test Ride

Ducatis Hypermotard Test Ride at Newcombs Ranch
Ducati's Hypermotard Test Ride at Newcomb's Ranch

Ducati had its own campaign in full swing this year, promoting the Hypermotard with a nationwide test ride tour. I had the good fortune of attending the test ride on Southern California’s famed Angeles Crest Highway. Ducati had set up camp at Newcomb’s Ranch (the official Angeles Crest Highway restaurant/bar/hang out) and all that was needed was a valid CA driver’s license with an M1 motorcycle endorsement. Sweeeeeeet…

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