Ride safely on those canyon roads

Rider on road

It’s spring time again and all kinds of motorcycles are coming out of hibernation. I rode the famed Angeles Crest Highway this morning, and it was busy with riders of all kinds eager to soak in the curves. The mile high motorhead hangout, Newcomb’s Ranch, was packed due to a special event.

When it’s this busy, I like to remind new riders of a few things to keep out of trouble:

  1. Ride your ride; don’t let faster riders pressure you into riding beyond your comfort level.
  2. If you pull up to the local hangout but it’s super crowded and you’re uncomfortable maneuvering your bike in such tight quarters, park somewhere else (a safe spot away from traffic) or just avoid the place altogether. Many bad things can happen if you get yourself wedged in with so many other bikes.
  3. Just take it easy and remember you need to get home in one piece.

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