Newcomb’s Ranch is for sale

Newcomb's Ranch
Newcomb’s Ranch, the venerable motorhead hangout on Angeles Crest Highway

Newcomb’s Ranch has been closed ever since the start of the pandemic in the spring of 2020, and it looks to stay that way until it changes hands. The ever-popular mountain road restaurant / bar / gathering place has a long history, and another chapter will be added as its current owners look to sell the iconic hangout to the right buyer.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve ridden the 26 miles up the famed, twisting Angeles Crest Highway to arrive at the forested treasure that is Newcomb’s Ranch. Its expansive parking lot is a natural magnet for motorcyclists and car enthusiasts to show off their rides. It’s not unusual for Jay Leno to show up occasionally in one of his McLarens or other rare supercars, all too eager to meet and greet his fellow motorheads. And it’s a wonderful place to grab a bite and relax while soaking in the pine forest air. It’s very strange to arrive there now; the parking lot is still accessible and used as a gathering spot, but the closed restaurant definitely takes the energy out of the place.

I’m grateful that Freddie Rundall was a good owner; he was always polite, engaging, patient, and eagerly shared road condition information with everyone there. It’s not the easiest restaurant to manage, and it definitely has its seasonal swings. I wish him well and hope he finds a great buyer for this classic roadside gathering place just a beautiful ride away from the heart of Los Angeles.

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