Best looking track bike I’ve ever seen

SdGixs drool-worthy track bike, for sale at
SdGix's drool-worthy track bike, for sale at


For those of us addicted to doing motorcycle trackdays*, having a dedicated track bike is the ideal situation.  Most track bikes look like something only a mother (er… owner) could love, but not this one.

Racetrack operators don’t want their tracks littered with broken plastics, antifreeze and oil, so those without the luxury of a track bike have to do all kinds of prep work to make their street-legal rides track-safe (taping over lights/reflectors; removing mirrors; replacing antifreeze with non-glycol-based water mix; etc.).  That said, dedicated track bikes can get a little ratty as owners tend to care less about looks and more about how it performs.  Most I’ve seen were crashed/salvaged street bikes, complete with Frankenstein-style replacement parts and paint jobs.  That’s what makes this one so shocking.

“SdGix” over at is selling his 2000 Suzuki GSX-R 750 track bike, and I gotta say it’s the best looking one I’ve ever seen.  Beautifully painted race body and all sorts of performance upgrades.  Check it out.

*I keep trying to figure out if I should use “track day” or “trackday.”

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