Dainese Axial Race New Boot

Some of you new and aspiring sportbike riders will (and should) eventually make it out to the track for some track day action, and you’ll definitely need a good pair of boots to protect your lower extremities.  Since I recently bought a set of Dainese Laguna Seca leathers, I decided to get a matching set of Dainese boots to go with them.  I opted for the Axial Race New model which features the “in” design – they’re designed to go underneath the bottom of your leathers as opposed to tucking your leathers into the boot.

I was initially going to purchase the Sidi Vertigo, probably the most popular race boot available, until I tried on one of Dainese’s “in”-style boots and discovered a huge difference in fit and feel. Traditional race boots go over the outside of the leathers.  Dainese’s system for their “in” boots allows their leathers to expand and go on the outside of the boots, with velcro to hold them in place.

The biggest advantage is that the boots are fitted directly against your ankle and calf as opposed to having a layer of leather in between.  This creates a more comfortable and natural feel, one I couldn’t ignore.  The disadvantages are being required to have a Dainese suit and the potential for damaging the outside portion of the leathers that would normally be tucked into a traditional boot (leathers can be costly to repair or replace).

Keep in mind these are very specialized race boots that are designed to work only with Dainese suits.  If you’re just starting out with sportbikes or track days, there are far more reasonable choices for leathers and boots that will protect you just as well (in particular I really like Sidi boots).  I’ll post a full review after I’ve had the chance to ride in them at the track and on the street.

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