New Honda CBR250R Sportbike!

I definitely didn’t see this one coming. Honda has just announced the brand new CBR250R, a surprisingly competent looking single-cylinder 250cc sportbike aimed at new riders. Super-sharp looks, fuel injection and available ABS make this an incredibly attractive starter bike. No word on pricing yet, but it looks like Kawasaki’s Ninja 250 has some serious competition here in the U.S.

Update 12/01/10:  It’s only $3999! Or you can get the ABS version for $4499.

Honda 3R-C Concept Vehicle

Okay so 3-wheelers aren’t exactly motorcycles, but most offer a similar experience far removed from that of driving a car.  Models like Can-Am’s Spyder can make decent (albeit expensive) alternatives for some people that really want the open air sensation of riding a motorcycle but can’t quite come to terms with handling one.

This is Honda’s 3R-C concept vehicle, a battery-powered electric 3-wheeler designed for urban transport.  The canopy cover moves forward and becomes a windshield when it’s actually in use.  It was designed by Honda’s R&D facility in Milan, so it’s easy to imagine they have dense, car-unfriendly cities in mind with this concept.  I’d definitely use it to pick up some groceries… if there’s anywhere to stow them.