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Wednesday, August 23, 2006
  5th Annual All-Girl Ride 2006 - SoCal
The 5th Annual Kelley Maylor All-Girl Ride 2006 is coming up. I've gone in the past and I'm planning on going this time as well. I've had fun and won good prizes and gotten some great discounts. The ride itself is generally pretty relaxed, the fast girls make their way to the front and the rest spread out. Its really nice to see so many women on sport bikes in one place.

Saturday August 26th, meeting in Pasadena at 8 and doing Big T, 9 mile and ACH. Then stopping at Newcombs for prizes.

Taken from the website:

WHEN: Saturday August 26th

MEETING SPOT: Mobil Gas station - 210 Frwy and Lake Ave in Pasadena. On the north side of the Frwy (Corner of E. Maple and Lake.) See map Here

MEETING TIME: 8:00 AM Sharp! We will be departing at no later than 8:30 AM. Please try to come earlier. Registration opens at 7:30AM and closes at 8:15AM. After 8:15, you can participate in the ride but will risk exclusion from the raffle

RIDE ROUTE: 210, exit Sunland, Big 'T" , 9 mile , ACH, stop at Newcombs for prizes

Please join us for a memorial charity ride to honor a fallen rider. This is the one chance a year to meet other women riders that share the passion of riding. Weather you’re a racer or just got your license, come out to support a good cause.

Each year we hold a raffle. Each woman rider will receive a ticket. Additional tickets can be purchased at the ride. All money raised this year, will be donated to BREAST CANCER RESEARCH. Remember this is a great cause. The woman rider that donates the most to breast cancer research will win a prize.


Each woman rider will receive a free raffle ticket for prizes. Other tickets will be sold at the event.

Sounds like a great event, did you win anything? Chris
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