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Wednesday, June 17, 2009
  Holy crap on a cracker!
I did a bit of cleaning over the weekend and decided to remove my windscreen to give it a good cleaning, and to clean parts of my bike that have not seen a cleaning rag since I put the windscreen on about four years ago. Later that day I had an eye appt and jumped on my bike without putting the screen on. I got home later and discovered some of the nuts & bolts fell off, which means I can't put the screen on.
Holy crap!!! It has been years since I road without a windscreen and boy have I been sissyfied! My neck is SORE! I have a "hang on for dear life" feeling while riding, not to mention a feeling of not being able to breath deeply. Whoa.
I emailed Memphis Shades for replacement nuts and bolts, but I am not holding my breath. I have emailed them in the past and have either been ignored, or sent the wrong parts. I'll let cha know.
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