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Friday, January 05, 2007
  More Warrior stuff
I was at Mission Motorsport last night. My tires are bald beyond bald and then needed replacing like a year ago. My uncles both chipped in and got me new tires for x-mas. I road over last night to get them installed.

That is a quick story. All day it had been threatening to rain. Predictions we fluctuating from a 10% chance to a 40% chance. All day, no rain.

So I get home and rush inside to change into motorcycle gear to take my bike over to Mission. As I am walking back out outside I noticed a slight drizzle, not even a drizzle, more like little tiny mist-lettes that had escaped. I pulled out my bike and went across the street for some gas. When I pulled out from under the canopy at the gas station, the drizzle was still light, but there was just enough to coat everything in wet.

I road down Alicia to jump on the freeway. The entrance is a long sweeping curve, and it was slick with rain and oil. I was leaning into the curve doing about 40, and started to feel my back tire slip out from under me. I gently, oh so gently grasped the brake as I slightly straightened up. I felt the tire grasp so I leaned over again. Started slipping. I had to drift over into the other lane as I widened my turn. I actually went a foot into the shoulder before I could straighten up out of the curve. SCARY SCARY SCARY! My heart was in my throat and my knees were shaking against my gas tank. I probably did only 50 on the freeway until my exit, and took all my turns on the surface streets in 1st gear. Thankfully I made it to Mission without going down.

So while at Mission I took a gander around at all the pretty machines. And there it was. A 2006 Warrior, blue with the silver flames that hadn't sold yet. It was just sitting there, gleaming. There was a sign stuck to the headlight. SALE $9,999!

Nu, uhu! No way!!!

It was so hard to leave that sight. Poor Alexia was sitting out in the parking lot awaiting tires and getting wet and I am dreaming and drooling over another bike. It's not her fault she was designed with a chain drive and that is the biggest reason that I can not love her as completely as I would like.

Sigh. I will have to work extra hard at cutting out all the extra spending fat this year and save all my nickels and dimes (as penny's appear to be losing favor) and hope to get this bike next year.

Hmmmmm. Maybe LA Cyclesports can beat that price. I'll have to go check!


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Hi Angi, scary stuff! Tyres low on thread are thin and can easier get a puncture which can be a bit dangerous . Take care.
OOPS! The sign actually said $9,499.

*sighs* Cheaper, but still so far away.
Angi, go to and you will see possibly the BEST forum on the web regarding the Warrior.
What a Nice bike. You've reached my dream. congratulations and enjoy it.
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