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Tuesday, January 09, 2007
  Easy Rider Show
What a wonderful show! I decided to go on Sunday with S & T. T and I met up with S just off the 55 Freeway, then we jumped onto the 91 to the 57 to the 10. Traffic wasn't bad, the wind died down a bit and was going easy on us.

Oh, I did smell the Chino fire when I was on the 55, and my eyes were burning a little from the smoke. Didn't smell it on the 57/60 interchange, which I found strange.

Anyway, got to the parking area ($8 a bike this year!) and had to go through the metal detectors. I of course set it off and this young kid turned red when he saw he would have to wand me. The wand kept going off around my boob area, and I could see the kid turning more and more red. He asked if I had any metal, and I said just in my bra. This kids face was about to explode! "You know," I said, "my underwire?" He turned away and I grabbed my vest and wallet. The guys in line behind me were just laughing!

The show was really good this year. My friend Tay ( was there with the Custom Company he helped on Biker Buildoff, Super Co Customs. He showed me a piece Brad Pitt had commissioned, and it was looking really good. Tay said ever since he did those pieces for Biker Build-off back in August, he got 10,000 hits on his website that evening, and now has a 6 month waiting list. That guy is busy!

I did find a patch, finally. All the "girly" patches are either pink or a butterfly or Harley branded. The patch I found is black with white tribal swishes and a white rose in the middle. I got a big one to put in the center of my vest. I'll take a pic tonight and post it tomorrow.

Funny story on the patch. I had laid out my vest to try the different patches on it. When I found the one I want, I asked the lady how much. She turned to the board and said $25. I counted my money and told her I had $24. I didn't think she even heard me. She pulled out this big thing of glue and started coating the back of the patch to center it on my vest. She laid it down on the vest and started moving it around, then stopped and looked up at me. She asked, "You were kidding about the $24, right?" Wrong time to ask lady! "No", I said. "You can't, like, borrow a dollar?" I looked around me and both T and S had disappeared, probably for food. "From who?" I asked. She looked down at the temporarily glued down patch. I then overheard the other lady in the booth telling a customer something like sewing is an additional $5. I then said I would just take the patch and not bother with sewing. The lady still looked horrified, and said she had to ask her manager. I guess she got the okay to sew it on for $4 instead of $5 because she took my money and sewed on the patch. Just the look on her face when I didn't have the extra dollar was great!

I know guys are probably board at this point. Koodos to you if you have stuck with me this far, you will be rewarded. Here are pics from the show. Sorry guys, I missed taking a pic of the girl that was flashing her panties. I know, I know, maybe next time.

Very cool Woody. The forks had wood sleeves on them, and the rest of the wood is wood paneling. I loved the look of this bike.

I just love the look of this bike. The mat black with red and white accents, and the whitewall tires. Even the pinup girl on the side and the pinstriping.

A custom design by Chica of Chica Customs. T couldn't believe this was a Honda VTX 1300, his motorcycle.

He made me take a picture of the side where it said Honda.

Here is a copper motorcycle Tay did some engraving on. I love the color and simplicity of the tank. Not the comfiest looking ride.

And last, and by no means least, pics of Harleys leaking oil in the parking lot. There were several others, but I ran out of room on my memory stick.

Enjoy! Keep the tires warm and the engine hot.
Love the wooden panelling and of course the VTX but I thought the best were the last 2. No offence intended to any HD riders of course!!

I will now try to include one of those in my posts....heh, heh.
That's not actually "leaking". That's an AMF-era Harley, and they had a wet-primary gear with a drip hole. Believe it or not, that's working exactly to spec. Sadly.
AGAIN! I missed you at the show! I went Sunday too with Stella and her grand daughter. I would have given you a buck if I was there. It was a great show in any case!
is this the Easyrider V twin show? I believe its coming to columbus, OH...I should catch it there!
What a Nice bike. You've reached my dream. congratulations and enjoy it.
HD is the BEST ... PERIOD
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