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Wednesday, January 03, 2007
  Easy Rider, Easy Rider

I am very excited to go. I have no money this year to buy any goodies, but I like this show because of all the beautiful custom bikes, all the custom parts you can get for your ride, and all the lovely leathers, patches, and other gear you can get.

I might get a few bucks from my stash and get a patch or two. I would love to have a jacket or vest completly covered in patches. My only complaint is that any girly patches are usually pink or harley branded. Ugh!

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Easyrider was the worst show I have been to. After paying for parking and entrance the show was a dud.
Awesome site Angi. I'm really liking it. I got you on my favorites and will be back occasionally.
I just started me a site a little over a week ago.
Easyrider is what got me into riding a motorcycle. Of course there was also the series "Then Came Bronson".
You have to look at the show from the time it came out. I guess you would just had to of been there.
I watched it when it when it first came out.
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