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Wednesday, January 10, 2007
  Car Pool Lane
I love the carpool lane. I feel just the tiniest bit safer having those four solid yellow lines separating me from traffic. I really like it when there are two yellow lines, four feet of pavement, and another two yellow lines. That gives me almost a five foot barrier between me and other traffic.

One thing I don't like about the car pool lane are those *&#$ing idiots that jump over the four yellow lines into or out of the carpool lane. DON'T DO THAT!!! You want to piss off a motorcycle person, do that right in front of them. Here you are riding along and suddenly there is a CAR PULLING IN FRONT OF YOU! There isn't a lot of wiggle room in the carpool lane either. My big problem is that I try to leave a bit more stopping distance when in the carpool lane, and people desperate to get in take that extra room as an invitation to jump the lines and get in front of me.

Another problem I have is solo riders in the carpool lane. I'm not talking about Hybrids, I mean those that don't have permission to be in there at all and are to save time. In my head, if you are willing to risk a $341 fine to get somewhere faster, what other laws are you willing to break to get there faster? Multi-task by talking on the phone? Change lanes without signaling? CUTTING OVER THE FOUR YELLOW LINES TO AVOID MISSING YOUR EXIT?

I'm done. I have just seen and had too many close calls these past few months with people illegally entering, exiting, or riding in the carpool lanes.
Hi Angi,

I wish there were car pool lanes here in Japan. The riding style is so different, with most time spent sharing lanes with cars and scooters.

That I can get used to, but the bulk of Taxi drivers here get there driver's license at 60 years old, you can imagine they're not on my Xmas card list!

btw, great photos of the Harley's leaking oil!

My buddy and I are making a little site with DIY motorbike repair guides for people on a budget.

Maybe some of your readers could use some articles or get ideas. It's at:


Where are the CHP!? I drive up to S.F. and back a couple of times a month and I see that all the time. Since I ride I am aware of the lane splitting and welcome it...but idiots are everywhere! Stay Safe Angi
It only takes a few inconsiderate drivers to make the road unsafe. Out here in the rural part of Pennsylvania we don't have commuter lanes or heavy traffic but still the crazy driver appears. As you move closer to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia the level of inconsiderate drivers increases dramatically. Everyone is in a hurry to get to nothing important it seems.

So I'll remain content to mainly ride in the sticks. Great blog you have here.

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks
What a Nice bike. You've reached my dream. congratulations and enjoy it.
Every place has a set of Rules . Only the HD community breaks everyrule . Welcome to HD community even if in a dream .....
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