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Sunday, October 01, 2006
  As loose as a (insert funny analogy here)
Damn chain is loose again. WTF?!? I don't know what is up with it now, but since I have reached 12000 miles on Alexia (yea me!) and she needs to go in for service now anyway, I am just going to have Long Mach put on a new chain. Oh I'll ask as to why it is getting so slack so quickly, but I am insisting on a new chain. (please leave your analogies in a comment!)

The chain is so loose that the top position is resting on the frame when not moving. I can also hear it rub against the frame as I slow down. Yeah, not good.

Have I mentioned before how much I HATE chain drive?!!

In retaliation for Alexia misbehaving, I have started drooling over this beauty.
This is the 2006 Yamaha Road Star Warrior. This sucker is 1607 CCs and is about 600 lbs! It also has a 28 inch seat height, which my long legs love. Oh, and the best thing, its a belt drive! So far my favorite of all drives. And I love the exhaust on this thing. I test fit one a few weeks ago at Mission Motorsport and loved it. Alas, I may have to drool on this one for a while more. I think the jump from a 750 to a 1600! is a bit extream. Also, I need to build up my strength a bit to handel the additional 100 lbs. What do you all think?


On a slightly different note, I figured out this weekend that I have about 26,000 miles of motorcycle experience. 15k or so on my Vulcan, and now 9k on the Shadow. I have had a few minor, hairy moments, and hope that those experience are the extent and extream of what I have to face in the future. I was reflecting on what I have learned, and what I need to work on. I also committed to re-reading Proficient Motorcycling. I think I still have a lot to learn, especially about handeling turns. I want to work on slow speed manuvers as well.
Your chain's as loose as a... oh forget it (I don't feel like getting slapped). :P Yeah they need adjustment and replacement on occasion, especially with as many miles as you've been doing.

I must agree that the Warrior is very drool-worthy. I like that bike a lot, and that probably says a lot coming from someone who doesn't ride cruisers.
The Warrior is one of my favorite cruisers.
I test rode a Warrior before purchasing my VTX - man did it get up and go!! Lots of zip and kind of feels sporty.

I would recommend one but only when your comfortable with the power thing coz there is a lot there!!
You can do the warrior Angie! I can see you now riding off the lot! Would love to see you do it over here! I go in there a lot and sit on the bikes myself. I still want a V-Star, but my short legs tell me to stay on my Deluxe. I love it anyway. Have fun picking and choosing---the extra zip will be fun for you!
I'm been looking at a bigger bike too. Those Yamahas are real nice, but I haven't test riddent one yet.
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