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Sunday, May 21, 2006
Listen to your bike

Although i am a fairly new rider i ride my bike everday and know how it rides very well. While out riding in the canyons my bike did not feel right it wasn't handling like it usually does, instead of stopping and doing a check i chose to keep riding. While taking a right hander my bike started to shake so i had to straighten up and ended up running into the oncoming lane luckily there were no cars , Ray signaled for me to pull over and as it turns out i had a flat rear tire. I was able to nurse it down the hill to a gas station and get it fixed. Luckily i had noticed the bike was not riding right so i had slowed down but had i been a little smarter i would have pulled over and checked earlier and slowed it down even more saving myself from crossing over to ther lane. It certianly is worth it to stop and check your bike if something does not feel right the alternative can turn out much worse.