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Saturday, April 01, 2006
A smooth transition

I moved up to my first sportbike this week, I got an 01 R6. I had a 2 hour ride home to enjoy my bike, being that it was already 9pm and there was now were to practice i decided to jump right on the freeway, smooth sailing should be easy but not so quick there was construction on the 22 and it took about 45 minutes to get to the 405 and i wasn't about to lane split on a new bike, once i hit the 405 however it was smooth sailing the whole way. Overall it was a seemless transition between the GS500. The aggressive body postion of the R6 makes freeway riding much more tolerable and cornering much easier as it is easier to lean into your corners. However slow speed manuvering is much different and that is were i am grateful i had alot of practice on the GS500. I am treating this bike like it my first bike again going over all the drils i did on my GS500 emergency stops from varying speeds, low speed turns and just learning the tendancies of my new bike. It has been a great experience and i look forward to growing with my bike