Tuesday, July 11, 2006
O and I went to look at Beemers last week. I've had my eye on the GS 650. I was concerned about the height of the bike though. Lo and behold, when I sat on the bike, I found the height to be manageable. I really liked the feel of the bike. It had a terrific center of gravity. You could lean the bike at a 45 degreee angle and then straighten out the bike with no problem. It seemed like a fancy dirt or dual bike. The bike I sitting on was already sold. The saleman said he was receiving two more in about a week. One of the two coming in was also sold. OTD price was about $9000....no discount there since they had trouble keeping them in stock.

Just as I started thinking that I would start looking for a good used 650, O pointed out that the 650 had chain drive. I don't know why, but I assumed that all BMWs had shaft drive. I was looking forward to having no chain maintenance.

Next to the 650 was it's big brother, the GS 1200. I looked at both bikes closely. Even though they are part of the same line, they seem to be two almost completely different bikes. The 1200 had shaft drive and a ton of other features. Still, I like the looks and size of the 650. I'll probably put the active BMW search on hold in the hopes that they make a model like the 650 but with shaft drive.
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