Saturday, June 17, 2006
  Helmet Maintenance Days
I always check the basics on my bike when I head out on a ride. Periodically, I perform maintenance on the bike as recommended by the manufacturer. The easy stuff, I can now do myself. With the harder stuff, I get help from friends and family as well as paid professionals. That being said, I periodically maintain my helmets as well.

I have a Scorpion Exo 700, an Arai Corsair and a Shoei RF 1000. All of the helmets have varying degrees of removable liners. Be careful when you remove the liners so that you don't accidentally detach something that shouldn't be detached. Yesterday, I pulled the liners out of all three helmets. They went into the washer with a mild detergent (like Woolite). I used the hand washable setting. After the liner pieces were washed, I laid them on table to air dry overnight. I would not advise putting them in the dryer.

I removed the shields from each helmet. I also pulled out the extra shields I have for each helmet. I checked each shield for cracks or damage. Then I cleaned each shield on both sides with Plexis and a soft cloth.

I wiped the inside of each helmet using a liquid spot remover and a towel. I paid particular attention to the fabric areas of the helmets that weren't removable. The outside of the helmets were cleaned using a soft cloth and Plexis. I checked the outer shells, helmet straps, cloth areas and foam for signs of wear or deterioration. I checked to make sure all the vents, breath guards, tabs, etc. were in good condition.

Today, I will reassemble everything and then pack each helmet back into their cases or bags. I will then store the helmets in the house or at least in the garage to avoid extreme temperatures. I perform full helmet maintenance every few months or so depending on use. After each ride, I will at least minimally check the helmet, wipe the interior and clean the exterior and shield without removing the liners.

I think some degree of helmet maintenance is important for safety reasons. Beyond safety, I prefer to put on a clean, fresh helmet each time I ride.
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