Sunday, May 14, 2006
  Moto GP
Well, we're definitely going. O and I decided we would like to go. I don't know how much of that decision was that I wanted to go and O was willing. The problem was that we couldn't get tickets. The paddock passes we're all sold out within hours. All the packages and suites were gone, many before they went on sale to the general public. I had a reasonably priced hotel room, but no tickets. I was hoping that April would come through with some passes while debating whether I should just buy some general admission tickets that were still available.

I posted up on the CC forum and asked whether it was worth going with just general admission tickets. Christi, one of the members, posted up that she had to sell her tickets since she and her husband were moving out of the country. I sent her a pm, a little afraid of how much the tickets would cost. Here's what she sent back in reply:

These are 1 down from the top tickets sold (the top ones are the boxes on the straight)

With these tickets you get:
Turn 3 suites incl shade, drinks, food, and closed circut TV
Both pit (where bikes are stored and riders hang out) and hot pit passes (right on the track where the races start - note closed toe shoe required and no access during the start or duration of the race)
Camping Passes
Parking passes

The view:

Our accomodations:

Gen Pop accomodations:

Pit Passes:

Hot pit passes (note riders tend to be a bit grumpy just after they lost a race):


Gen Pop:

Another view from the suite - a lot of crashes happen in this corner. Downhill decreasing radius

I mean really - it can't be beat

Oh and if you get there a day early Note - those are factory Honda guys going over race strategy

These are the front straight boxes.

The only tickets more coveted than ours

Camping at the track - commute about a 10 min walk - wake up to the sounds of morning practice. There are reasonable showers and restrooms near by:

OK I'm offically bummed we can't go this year. We'll just have to catch GP in France to make up for it.


Well, needless to say, we bought the tickets. April and Jim are camping with us.....it should be fun. We are already gathering camping equipment, etc. I can't wait!
Ugggghhh... green w/ jealousy...
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