What a weird year, but we can still ride

At least you can still ride your motorcycle these days

I haven’t been riding too much this year, partly because my high maintenance Italian bike has needed some work, and partly because I can’t eat at the restaurants where I normally stop on my rides. What a weird year. But at least I can still ride.

It’s an amazing privilege to be able to ride a motorcycle and enjoy the open roads; those of us who ride know the feeling all too well, and those of you who aspire to ride will know the feeling soon enough. One of the best parts of riding, for me at least, has always been getting some good food at a fun place to stop. Obviously that’s an experience that hasn’t been the same this year for many of us.

The important thing is to adapt. We all have to adapt. Most things are different now, and some things will stay different. But when it comes to riding, thankfully things haven’t really changed. Yeah maybe for now it’s the McDonald’s parking lot with a McRib and a Diet Coke instead of sitting down to a GS Rider Special (chili + eggs + hash browns) and a coffee at Newcomb’s Ranch, but the ride is still the ride.

For the new or aspiring riders out there, stay safe and remember to get some proper gear. The rides will still be as exciting as ever, even if you have to sit in a parking lot to eat instead of the cool mountain top restaurant. And don’t forget to wave to your fellow riders.

This guy just rode thousands of miles across the Canadian Rockies on a Ninja 300

Just got back from raveling across the Canadian Rockies on my motorcycle, here’s an album. from travel

u/zetrhar¬†on Reddit just posted some photos on imgur of his trip across the Canadian Rockies aboard a Kawasaki Ninja 300. It’s arguably the best starter bike around, and makes an awesome distance bike as well. Check out his pics and definitely make sure the Ninja 300 is on your short list if you’re looking for a starter motorcycle.

Fresh Air, Bugs and Road Therapy

There’s something therapeutic about a good motorcycle ride; it’s hard to explain and really needs to be experienced to be understood. Being out and about in the mountains soaking up some nice curves, the sun, and some awesome pine-scented fresh air is really something special. So are the multitudes of bugs that splatter all over you during spring time rides, but hey, it’s a small price to pay. Just remember the goals are to have fun and get home safely, so take it easy out there, take your time and enjoy the ride.

When To Ride Angeles Crest Highway


Angeles National Forest Sign
At the edge of the Angeles National Forest on Angeles Forest Highway

Angeles Crest Highway has quite the reputation as a dangerous place for motorcyclists and deservedly so. Any canyon road in southern California can be a risky ride simply due to the nature of the roads themselves; they’re narrow, mountain-hugging, twisty, prone to falling debris and full of blind turns. Angeles Crest Highway adds its own unique risks thanks to its popularity; it’s a favorite weekend getaway road for motorists, motorcyclists, bicyclists and hikers all looking to enjoy L.A.’s native forest. Put all of those people together on the same snaking asphalt and bad things are going to happen, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be safely enjoyed.

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